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Light Bulb Moment

By January 25, 2016 Blog

My Story About  A Light Bulb Moment

What is a light bulb moment? There are many names for it; an Ah-Ha moment, wake-up call, an epiphany, an understanding, a life altering event, moments of clarity…they are called many things. These moments can stem from tragedy or good fortune. One thing is for sure, they can stop you dead in your tracks and make you change your path, realize your destiny or even scare the pants right off of you. I have had many light bulb moments. Some were life changing and some have been just a good reminder of how I want to live my life. I have always found light bulb moments to be helpful no matter their unique outcome.

Tragedy Induced Light Bulb Moment

Thinking back, my biggest light bulb moment was about 30 days after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was handed a book that changed my thinking and then my life. That book was Crazy, Sexy Diet by Kris Carr. She set me on a path to beat cancer, and even more so, the fear cancer had over me. Its an amazing book, a must read even if you are not facing health issues.  From that I begin to understand that my body had created cancer for reason. I was determined to get to the bottom of that reason and my life took a huge leap towards finding my truth in real whole organic foods. You can read more about this in my “Meet the Hands” section of this website. The light bulb not only went on then, it has stayed on and helped me create this amazing community and website. Because of the light blub moment I am on a mission to help millions of people have their own light bulb moments before health or life tragedies strike.

lightbulbA Recent Shining Moment #lightbulb

Fast-forward 3 years almost to the day; I was attending a Summit for the Periscope Community in San Francisco, California. It was the first time I had been in a networking situation since my long ago corporate days and certainly the first time since starting go2kitchens.com. I was a little shy and very nervous. Who knows why, I am not one to get nervous about too many things. It was our first morning and I sat in on a keynote presentation given by Kim Garst, a social media/business maven in my opinion. I was star struck and very happy to be listening live in person and not just watching her on the live broadcasting app, Periscope.   She is my go to business rock star! I guess you get that I love her, right? I kept to myself that first morning, not interacting with others very much, just people I knew. During the afternoon sessions I went back to my room to unwind and refresh. I felt bad because I was missing panel discussions but I needed a break. On my way back down to the meeting rooms I step on the elevator and lo & behold there is, KIM GARST!!! What? I didn’t want to totally geek out and fan girl her like a 12 year old. So I took a deep breath and introduced myself and told her how honored I was to hear her keynote earlier that morning. She quickly turned the conversation back to me (because she is cool like that) and asked me what my business was or what did I scope (live broadcast) about. In that moment all my geeky fan girl stuff disappeared and I calmly and confidently said, “I am a Light Bulb expert!” Bewilderment fell over her face and she had to know more. I went on to explain that I am on a mission to help people have Light Bulb moments in their health before tragedy strikes, like cancer had for me. I have to tell you that I shocked myself. She got a huge grin on her face and I knew I had her attention. Not to rat out Kim Garst but she missed her floor and ended up in the lobby with me as we continued our conversation. It was another Light Bulb moment for me! The Monday after that encounter in the elevator she did a scope (live broadcast) about our meeting. I was so humbled and grateful for her generosity. It was truly amazing! I came right out of my shy shell for the rest of the Summit and loved every second of my time there. Light Bulb Lesson learned!

Shine Bright!

The reason I wanted to share these stories is to let you know that you don’t have to wait for tragedy to strike before you have your Light Bulb moment. You can start to make changes, small changes that will change your destiny forever. Disease is not your destiny! Sickness is not your destiny! Illness is not your destiny! Be open to Light Bulb moments. Let them shine and never let them go out once they have come on. The same is true for all areas of your life. Had I been too afraid to speak to Kim Garst in the elevator that afternoon I would have missed the huge boost of confidence that encounter gave me. Never mind that I got to meet one of my favorite business guru’s. YOUR DESTINY IS A FULFILLED LIFE! Embrace your Light Bulb Moments!

Below you will find the unedited versions of the Kim Garst elevator conversation. My story and hers told in separate recorded broadcast! I think you will find it impacted us both! #lightbulb


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