“My mission is to empower YOU to take 100% control of your health. I want you to have that spectacular life you are looking for! I want to teach you that adopting a healthy lifestyle is not black and white, its somewhere in the colorful middle! I believe moderation is key to a long healthy life! I am going to teach those principals here at go2kitchens.com.”

Leslie Reveal

December 2012, 3 days before Christmas, I get the news… CONGRATULATIONS you have breast cancer. How awesome and just in time to ruin my holiday! Don’t worry, this is not another cancer story…this is just where it all started. So after about a billion doctors visits and those doctors having me with one foot in the grave…minus my boobs, poisoned and fried…I took maters into my own hands. You see I was being controlled by my fear. Fear of dying, fear of being disfigured, fear of chemo, fear of surgery, fear of radiation, just plain fear of the unknown!

“I became the CEO of my Cancer!”

Then I had to remind myself that nothing in life was guaranteed, EVER, not when I didn’t have cancer and not while I have cancer. So after about 2 months of toiling and basically freaking out 24 hours a day, I got control of the situation. You know what? I became the CEO of my cancer. Ok, I so wish I could take the credit for that statement but I can’t. My BFF gave me a copy of the book “Crazy Sexy Diet” by Kris Carr and BINGO…taking that badass attitude she talks about towards my cancer was just what I needed! My funk gone…CEO of CANCER IN! Really, it did change my life after reading that book! If you have cancer, get it, read it…be it! Then come back and learn how to cook here! LOL!

“I became a food stress cadet!”

So here I was, empowered but clueless! How in the world would I learn everything I needed to know to be the CEO of anything, much less CANCER! I hired a naturopathic Dr. he set guidelines, told me what to eat and what not to eat. Did blood work, gave me a plan and my reaction was…”what do mean I can’t eat Chick-fil-a? Its chicken, its good for you right?” WRONG! He looked at me like I had 6 boobs and 4 heads! I’m pretty sure he was thinking “cute little clueless girl!”

I had a road map but I need to learn how to drive. So I did! Months of reading everything I could get my hands on…organic, non-gmo, fermented, non-dairy, Paleo, gluten free, vegan, non-vegan, vegetarian, juicing, smoothies, kale, toxic, non-toxic, essential oils, real food, whole foods, Ketogenic diets, GAPS diet, hormone diet, probiotics, supplements, high alkaline, low acid…….AGHHHHH! No wonder people think chemo is easier than a healthy diet! Good lord! So I stressed myself out once again, but now it was about food. “OMG, will this kill me if I eat it…” mentality about everything. Not only that, I was driving my family up a wall! I was taking my CEO position very seriously damn it! This is where the BLACK & WHITE mentality take over begins. I had a knee jerk reaction to the quality of food I was consuming. I threw everything in my pantry out and started all over. Trips to the grocery store were all day affairs because I was being SO careful! I went for the black and white approach…no middle ground. I became a food stress cadet! Toxic foods like non-organics, pre-packaged, and overly processed are bad for you, but you know what’s worse than that? STRESS! You see, if you are sooooo stressed about what you are putting into your body and whether it is good or bad for you (or in my case, will this cause cancer) that stress is worse than if you just ate a regular old American fast food, processed, sugary, chemically food diet! So from my stress and lessons learned I am here to teach THE COLORFUL MIDDLE!

A change is never super easy! You will have to work at it. You are still going to have learn to like some foods that maybe don’t make you scream “YAY..Kale!” But my promise is to teach you how eating a healthy diet in moderation can change your life forever! I am all about teaching you healthy living principals to make you fall in love with your kitchen and your self. You see cancer saved my life, it empowered me. It forced me to make changes. I knew that God had a higher purpose for me. My whole life and all my experiences have lead me to this food blog, go2kitchens.com. I was just too caught up in life to realize it before He threw a roadblock in front of me. That roadblock made me take stock of my life and guided me here! I want to help millions of people make good changes for their health and lives. BUT I want it to be fun! I don’t want to scare you into becoming a food stress cadet. I want to give you a road map from my own journey.

“My promise is to teach you how eating a healthy diet in moderation can change your life forever!”

So…Welcome to the go2nation!

If you have made it this far through my story, YOU WIN A PRIZE…not really but you might have questions. Just remember that the go2nation is a big one and I may not get to you even within 48 hours, but I will get to you and you will have a personal response from me, that is just how I roll!

Wanna meet my family?

Leslie Family

Cool! I am married (3rd time is a charm) to the love of a lifetime, Robin. Robin is a former racecar driver and instructor. Now he repairs clocks and runs our small business. Everyone say thank you Robin…why? His hard work allows me to follow this dream of go2kitchens.com. Thank you, Robin! We have a dog, his name is Edison the labradoodle and he is a gift from God! No joke! We live in Fort Collins, Colorado for now, but we have our sights set on the North Shore of Oahu. We like to surf however neither of us are very good at. We like the connection to mother earth while sitting in her oceans and being propelled by the sheer awesome power of the waves. We also dig hiking…hello we live in Colorado! We have townie bikes that we use to cruise all over Fort Collins. We dig music and you can frequently find us on a Saturday night enjoying live music and dancing our crazy butts off. In fact we love music so much we have about 2000 vinyl albums that we actually listen to! We are huge Rolling Stones fans…so Mick, Keith, Ronnie or Charlie if you read this…I know you guys eat organics and we are all about the organics here on go2kitchens.com! Hit me up if you want to film an episode! Ok, sorry back to us. We love to travel and find that go2kitchens.com allows us to travel the world and film with you, our crazy fun audience. It was our cunning plan from the conception of go2kitchens.com!

Leslie Dog

My mom and dad are my “always light, never darkness” mentors. You see they taught me to keep my chin up. They balanced me as they raised me. Love, joy, confidence, honesty, creativity, servitude and God, were my life lessons. They instilled very strong principals in me. Never be dark into light space, always be the light into dark space! Never forget those you serve or those who serve you. Always remember “you can do all things through God who strengthens you!”, my mom would say. I believed her 100% and still do to this day. My dad would tell me to always treat others how I wanted to be treated, so I do, still, to this day! Thank you mom and dad!

Now you know! Go watch a video or something! LOL!

“…mom and dad are my ‘always light, never darkness’ mentors.”