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No Noodle Beef Stroganoff Recipe

By February 7, 2017 Brunch, Dinner, Gluten Free, Pasta, Recipe

No Noodle Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Someone just said in my live show Lunch with Leslie… “Where’s the Beef?” Well, the truth is that you will not find a lot of meat recipes here at go2kitchens.com and even fewer beef ones.  So we have made a special real food beef recipe we know you will love, No Noodle Beef Stroganoff.  

Grass Fed Beef VS. Feedlot Beef (CAFO – confined animal feeding operations)

I wanted to point out some quick facts about the difference in grass-fed beef and feedlot fed beef! 

Feedlot Beef:

  1. the goal is to have cattle ready within 9 – 12 months for the market
  2. fed an all grain diet (corn, barley, and soy) that is high in GMO’s
  3. cattle expected to gain 3 pounds per day
  4. it takes 7 pounds of grain for cattle to gain 1 pound, that’s a lot of GMO grain
  5. confined in small areas, where they defecate, eat sleep and stand 
  6. 70% of all the antibiotics used in the USA are used in livestock
  7. 6 different growth hormones are used routinely
  8. low nutrients and high omega 6 fats

Grass Fed Beef: 

  1. 2 years goal to have cattle ready for market
  2. cattle eat a natural diet of grasses, legumes, and other plants
  3. free to roam in the pasture, not crowded 
  4. no need for mass antibiotic treatments 
  5. rarely use growth hormones, cattle are fattened naturally
  6. Higher nutritional balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fats
  7. Higher in antioxidants and nutrients, beta-carotene, vitamin e, and b vitamins 
  8. High in CLA’s acids, which help make your body inhospitable to cancer.  (learn more)

One more note!  To get the best benefit make sure your grass fed beef is also grass finished.  Grass-Finished means the cattle were allowed in the pasture eating grasses their entire life.  Grass-Fed only means the cattle were fed in the pasture for up to 6 months then moved to the feedlot the remainder of its life.  The best place to find grass fed grass finished beef is at your local butcher or farmers market.  Ask questions and be the CEO of the food you eat!!  

I will always encourage you to eat less meat!  Making your body inhospitable to cancer means eating more plants than meats!  

No Noodle Beef Stroganoff

No Noodle Beef Stroganoff Recipe

2 tbs coconut oil

1 lb lean beef, cut into thin even strips

1/4 medium onion, diced

salt and pepper to taste

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 cups cremini mushrooms, sliced thin

1 can coconut milk

2 tsp tomato paste (optional)

¼ tsp each dried basil, dried oregano, dried rosemary and dried thyme

2 medium russet potatoes, peeled and spiralized with flat blade

1 cup frozen peas (optional)

2 tbs grass fed plain yogurt

1 tsp chopped fresh parsley


Heat large skillet over medium heat, add coconut oil. Add beef strips onion and half of garlic, sauté for 5 minutes.

Add mushrooms, remaining garlic, coconut milk, tomato paste, and herbs to skillet. Lower heat to a simmer and cook for 5 minutes.

Gently stir in potato noodles into skillet. Cook 7-8 minutes. Only stir occasionally. Add peas and yogurt and gently fold them in. Cook 2 more minutes.

Serve hot with parsley garnish.


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