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Natural Cold Remedy – Get Relief!

By January 30, 2016 Blog

It hits you, your throat is scratchy and you have an overwhelming feeling of ickyness. It’s the first signs of a cold. The dread that happens when you feel the symptoms of a cold coming doesn’t have to be feared any longer. I have a natural cold remedy that can help! According to Dr. Josh Axe there are over 200 viruses that can cause upper respiratory infections that lead to the common cold. They can be spread from person to person in the air. ICK!  I have been preaching the amazing effects of the cold protocol that I have disclosed below for several years. I have written it on napkins, business cards, sticky notes, texts and emails. So I thought it was about time that I share it permanently here at go2kitchens.com.Natural Cold Remedies

I cannot take any credit for this amazing natural remedy advice. It all comes from Dr. Josh Axe’s website.   Below is the link for all the ingredients in the cold protocol. Also you will find my tips and tricks for following the protocol.


My Personal Tips and Tricks

  1. I follow it strictly at the first signs of a cold. It is not as effective once a cold has progressed.
  2. I would advise that you use these supplements for no more than 5 days in a row.
  3. I use a Golden Seal Echinacea blend that will help combat a sore throat.
  4. I dilute my oregano oil in 4 oz of hot water before swallowing.
  5. I drink lots of fluids and warm liquids to stay hydrated.
  6. I use immune boosting foods to keep my body healthy and strong.
  7. If I am not running a fever I try to stay active with short walks.
  8. If I am running a fever I do not try to break it with OTC’s.

Watch the live broadcast replay here to get a detailed “tips and tricks”!

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