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Thermography & Meet go2kitchens VIP Diana Wright!

By November 5, 2016 Blog

Meet Diana Wright and Read Her Story About Thermography 

This past week in our live show “Lunch with Leslie” I discussed living and #anticancerlife and breast health. We discussed many topics; eating for anticancer breast, the bra, how to keep your breasts healthy and perky.  It was a fun week! 

As I was watching all the social media shares from this weeks topic, I came across a few posts by one of our G2K VIP’S,  Diana Wright.  She had quite a conversation going with her friends about what she had learned in this weeks show.  I loved her story about her recent thermography and how she related to the information from this weeks shows. I asked her to share her thoughts with us here on the blog.  I know you will love her and her take-aways. 

My name is Diana Wright and I recently did my very first thermography, ever! I had a mammogram a few years ago and told myself NEVER again! I have learned that thermography is non-invasive and is able to reveal the possibility of cancer much sooner *sometimes even ten years sooner*, because it can image the earliest stages of angiogenesis, the formation of the blood vessels that supply nourishment to cancer cells, a necessary step before cancer can grow into tumor size. My report indicated that my breast tissue has an elevated hormonal scale indicating high estrogen levels within the breast tissue. This shows up as increased vascular markings on your images. Because estrogen is a known carcinogen and acts as fuel to feed cancer, elevated levels are particularly troublesome. 


Leslie talked this week about Breast cancer awareness and I truly learned so much!

Bras do NOT allow toxins to release. When you are so restricted you block lymphatic fluid to drain. Your lymphatic fluid is similar to blood; however, your blood pumps through your heart. Your lymphatic system has no pump other than movement!! Our lymphatic system helps us heal.

Antiperspirants vs deodorants was huge! When we use antiperspirants we are actually inviting the toxins to live inside. Sweat does not stink, bacteria stinks! Sweat is the natural reaction to releasing toxins. Deodorant is anti-bacterial. The better you eat/drink the less you will smell.

Helpful Tips from Her Shows:

  1. Look for pigment and colors of your food. Ever hear the phrase “Eat the rainbow” Eat an assortment of foods with lots of color. If your body loves it, cancer can’t stand it!!
  2. Switch to “real” foods and dump processed foods!! If you truly want to beat cancer get rid of ALL processed foods/drinks.
  3. Limit your meat intake: dump processed meats, sausage, bacon, lunch meats. Focus on eating 90% plant base and 10% all other. It is NEVER to early or late to stop cancer!!
  4. Eat foods high in vitamin C. Citrus and leafy greens are the highest levels. Supplement for a short time, it’s truly not good for the body. Allow your foods to be your medicine! Cruciferous veggies are a complete must in all meals. Add beta-carotenes, collagen and plenty of water.
  5. Fiber is very instrumental. Chia, flax seed…
  6. Reduce inflammation causing foods. When we learn to naturally reduce inflammation in the body it truly allows it to function better and in turn you find your energy again.
  7. We should get professionally fitted for your bra (you don’t want tight)
  8. We should limit our underwire to one bra for special occasions
  9. When we are at home go commando, no bra!!
  10. Learn lymphatic exercises
  11. Find natural deodorants or don’t use any at all. If you stink clean those pits!

If you are interested in watching the shows you can see all the replays of the shows at Periscope.tv/go2kitchens

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