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How $200 Changed My Life – #INL2016

By February 20, 2016 Blog

How $200 Changed My Life! – #INL2016

A year into my personal health journey I began to realize that I wanted my cancer fight to have purpose.  After all I was empowered by learning how to fortify my body from the ravages of cancer and cancer treatments.  I toyed with all kinds of ideas; a website of women and their stories about restoring their health, a podcast about cancer and disease, local live cooking classes, real food grocery store tours, private health coaching, webinars of encouragement and hope, public speaking, a book and website after website ideas…I was scattered and unfocused.  How do I put that all together, market it and make something I could be proud of?  In the winter of 2015 I got an email from DrAxe.com.  He was announcing an 8 week course called the Institute of Nutritional Leadership (INL).  Where he was going to share his  personal techniques for starting and growing a career in the Health and Wellness industry.  Knowing that Dr. Axe had an empire that I not only trusted but respected how could I resist! I signed up and paid two payments of $99.  I could never have known how $198 was going to change my life in the coming year.

My Top 3 Reasons You Should Join #INL2016

  1. Value – I needed some structure to get my ideas off the ground.  I was looking for some guidance.  I quickly realized guidance does not come for free.  I was going to have to pay for it.  Because it felt like such a gamble to make even one of my ideas turn into a business I was nervous about putting any money into it.  I tried some free stuff and even some cheaper courses.  I knew I needed something more serious. I looked into online business training but they were not specific to the health and wellness industry.  I looked at nutrition courses and they had no business training.  I had about 4 hours a week I could devote to my new adventure.  Even if I could afford a business school and a nutritional school I didn’t have time for both.  When I saw the list of modules that INL would cover it gave me chills.  It was just what I was looking for!  I was so afraid to look at the price.  I expected I was going to have to pay $2,000 or more for this type of information from Dr. Axe.  When I found that it was only $198 I could hardly believe my eyes!  Sign me up.
  2. Community – Upon applying and being accepted into the INL course I was introduced to the private Facebook group for INL students only. There I found a 1000 other men and women with my same passion for helping others.  I got involved from day one!  I started talking and chatting with other students.  I quickly understood that my upcoming education was not going to be just from Dr. Axe but also from this community that he had created.  As the class progressed I began to see people collaborating and networking.  I found men and women that live in my city.  We did meet-ups and brainstormed together.  I was asked to guest blog and tell my story.  I was being interviewed.  I was being introduced to people that I could help and that could help me.  A year later that Facebook group full of alumni is still active on a daily basis.  Most of them are now my friends, mentors and even business partners.  I have made connections in that INL community that will last a lifetime.
  3. Education – When Dr. Axe says he shares his personal strategies for growing a business…what he really means is…he is going to tell you things no one else is going to tell you about this industry!  He is going to lay down some specifics in the health and wellness industry that are unique to this business.  When you finish a module you are so fired up the content will flow out of you. In the health modules I really think Dr. Axe does an amazing job tackling some of the controversy that is flying around out there in the health and wellness space.  He also does an amazing job keeping your mind open and balanced to all kinds of healthy principles. Giving you great ideas about how to teach them to your audience. It’s so valuable when it is coming from a place of a like minded educator like Dr. Axe.

INL Cert

When I started INL I didn’t even know what a hashtag was! I was clueless what ketosis meant!  Essential oils were not even on my radar!  In 8 weeks in INL I was not only learning healthy principals but I had named, branded, and launched my business, go2kitchens.com!  My lens focused and I could see the purpose of my cancer journey loud and clear.  I am not some super star unique unicorn coming out of this class with guns blazing! In fact I am in a master mind group with 12 other 2015 INL alumni that are super stars in their own businesses and all launched them as a result of this class.  I know 100’s more!  I could post a 100 websites here that grew from the INL training program! If you let it, the Institute for Nutritional Leadership taught by Dr. Josh Axe will launch you into success.  If you want more information there is a link below of the class details.  It is not an affiliate link.  I make no money for singing its praises.  Its just that good!  If you join please say hi to me in the private INL Facebook Group.  I am an ambassador there for #INL2016 and I am excited to meet you!

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