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Inflammation Busting Water – Episode 6

By June 29, 2015 Drink, Recipe

As a cancer survivor I work to keep inflammation down in my body! Did you know that chronic inflammation in the body can lead to cancer? Help fight back this easy to make water. Please remember lost of plastics are not ideal for us to drink out of as they might leach toxins into our water. Try to choose glass or metal when drinking your beverages for the day! Small steps make a big difference!

3/4 Quart of Filtered Water
1/4 Quart of Organic Coconut Water
1 Capsule of Natural Factors 300mg Theracurmin

In a glass quart container mix all ingredients and drink!


  • Fights inflammation naturally in the body
  • Hydrates
  • Super easy to make
  • Great color and give you the feeling you are drinking something more than just water
  • High absorption for better results
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