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Coconut Milk Recipe + Healthy Smoothie Ideas

By September 26, 2015 Breakfast, Recipe, Smoothie, Snack

Coconut Milk Recipe + Healthy Smoothie Ideas

Coconut milk is a great way to put the smooth in smoothie. I had been buying it in cartons for months until this easy coconut milk recipe episode was filmed. Now that I know how to make it and how easy it is the cartons have disappeared and I am saving money!!! Watch the video and find the recipe below.

Working in the kitchen with the Whole Health Dana team is amazing. They taught me how to make this coconut milk recipe in no time! Please go check out her very informative blog WholeHealthDana.com. Get to know her and her very touching tribute to Hugo. You will find yourself inspired and amazed!

The Gateway To Health

I call smoothies the gateway drug into improving your health. They are a gigantic leap forward for getting more nutrient dense whole foods in your diet. Smoothies can provide a plant based, power packed punch for your day and they are an easy way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The common misconception is that they are just for breakfast, the truth is they make a great lunch, snack or even dessert!

Here are my top 5 tips for getting more smoothie deliciousness into your families diet:

  1. When it is smoothie time make an announcement! “This morning is smoothie morning!” or “We are having a great dessert tonight, yum!”
  2. Don’t talk about the ingredients in the smoothie ahead of time or after it’s made. The eyes are the way that we perceive food. If the perception right away is, “I see spinach and I don’t like spinach…” they might not even try it. So make it when no one is looking.
  3. Start with colorful fruits and veggies that complement one another, then when it is blended it looks appetizing. Purple is a great way to start! I say Purple is the new Green Smoothie!
  4. Take the family on an outing to find a special smoothie glass for each member! Only use that fun glass when it time for the smoothie. When you think of alcoholic drinks we have special drink glasses and part of what make them fun is that fancy glass. Do the same for your smoothie routine!
  5. Lay low with strong flavors. Don’t try to introduce a smoothie to your new healthy lifestyle that has strong flavors like parsley, cayenne, celery, beets or cilantro. Trust me, your flavor profiles will change with your new healthy lifestyle. You will begin to appreciate these flavors but they can turn a newbie off in no time!

Print this quick start Smoothie Guide

Smoothie Ingredients Infographic

Click to Print

When you are beginning a health journey it can overwhelm you in a hurry. Making good decisions and picking ingredients for a smoothie can be confusing and can quickly turn you off if the flavor is not there. Messing up a large blender full of organic veggies and fruits can also be expensive. I created this simple infographic above to give you a quick start guide to making smoothies. Start with ingredients that you know you and your family like. As your health journey proceeds and you get more comfortable with your knowledge base and your flavor profiles you can start adding in more and more intermediate and advanced ingredients. Personally I know that I do not like apples and grapes in my green smoothies, it tastes foul to me. I had to learn my way through the smoothie maze. Now I have about 20 perfected recipes that I love and my family loves them too! My Morning Joy Smoothie Recipe is a great way to start! Transformation is a process not an event. Move slowly and you are more likely to stick with it. Don’t gross yourself out with crazy advanced smoothie recipes! My goal is always to help you succeed. I hope you have found some good tips here! XO

Coconut Milk Recipe:coconut milk

1 Cup Organic Coconut Flakes

4 Cups Hot Water

Watch the video above for the “how to” process.

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