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Coconut Custard Dessert Recipe

Sometimes you need easy, sometimes you need healthy, and sometimes you need tasty!  Well guess what?  I have a easy, healthy, yummy coconut custard dessert recipe.  The word “custard” paired with the word “recipe” might provoke fear in some of you.  Truth is this is an “easy peasy” recipe!  The hardest part is waiting the hour it takes to cook in the oven!  Ok, maybe you are not top notch at separating the egg whites but hey, there are tools for that kinda work!

Coconut Custard 1

My mom and I agree that the word “CUSTARD” does not inspire us very much.  In fact it is down right hard for me to get excited about something titled “CUSTARD”.  I have been sitting on this recipe for quite awhile because of the name…”CUSTARD”!  So then it happened.  I wanted to make Creme Brûlée and honestly with my healthy lifestyle it seemed to big of a “cheat” to even make at home. Plus I have a rep to protect ;-).  I remembered this recipe and thought, I bet I can get a pretty close result with this baked…”CUSTARD”!  So off to work I went.  The original recipe came from MommyPotamus.com, I was seduced by the beautiful photos in that post!  WOW!  Since I was serving this for a dinner party I needed to get it right. Honestly I was a little nervous about the process. What I found is that it was so easy I could hardly believe it. Pre-heat, separate, whisk, dump, stir, bake, chill, DONE!  The taste?  Oh yes, lets talk about that!  The taste is amazing, the only thing missing that you would find in a creme brûlée is the hard sugary crust.  I don’t even miss it when I add a whipped coconut cream and berries.  Two thumbs up for sure! Way to go MommyPotamus.com, total recipe score!  Below you will find the recipe and how I made it.  Not too many changes as there was little I could do to improve on such a decadent recipe experience.  If you are looking for a fancy pants recipe without all the fancy pants fuss…make this “CUSTARD”…Creme Brûlée fake out is what I call it!


6  pastured egg yolks
13.5 oz. can full fat organic coconut milk
1-2 Tbs maple syrup
1 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of cinnamon
pinch sea salt
butter or coconut oil for greasing the ramekins

Preheat the oven to 310 degrees. This is important and needs to be exact.

Separate the egg whites from egg yolks and place egg yolks in a medium sized bowl, beat well.

Add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

Grease 3-4 ramekins (3-4 oz) and pour liquid mixture into each. Use glass baking dish, fill halfway with water, and place ramekins in it.

Bake entire baking dish with water and ramekins inserted in them, for an hour or until custard is no longer liquid in the middle and firm to touch. Top with whipped coconut cream and berries.  Serve warm or chilled.  I like chilled personally!


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