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Chicken Eggs – A Superfood!

By September 26, 2015 Blog

Chicken Eggs – A Superfood!

Watch as I talk about chicken eggs.  This particular week on Lunch with Leslie, via Periscope TV, I talked about the chicken egg.  Watch an interview with Vital Farms, find information about the eggs superfood qualities, ideas for preparing eggs, a talk about egg marketing and what the packages actually mean and  a video on how to make Frittata.   I hope you enjoy them and please catch my show weekdays at 12pm Mountain Time only on Periscope TV @go2kitchens. Oh and don’t miss our regular youtube episode for Turkey Veggie Frittata!


Vital Farms talks with go2kitchens.com! You ask the questions!

The EGG-ceptional Superfood – facts and fiction!

How do you like your eggs?

Unscramble The Egg Carton Marketing.

For Real Food Friday! How 2 Make Frittata.

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