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Avoid These 3 Things IF You Have Cancer!

By January 23, 2019 Blog

Avoid These 3 Things IF You Have Cancer!

If someone I loved came to me today and said to me “I have cancer”, do you know what I would advise them to do? Actually, I would tell them what NOT to do! I would say to avoid if you have a recent cancer diagnosis or if you have dealt with cancer in the past. Here are my top three things to stay away from when dealing with cancer:

Processed foods – Avoid anything in a bag, box, can, pouch, or jar. The key is to eat only real, whole foods which is anything that doesn’t have an ingredient list. At the very least, you want to be eating things with five ingredients or less. Processed foods have chemical additives in them that prolong their shelf life and typically have higher calories and fewer nutrients. This also includes eating out and fast food. There are NO fast food or big chain restaurants that are healthy to eat at, they all contain additives, even if they advertise that they are healthy. Instead of trusting a large company to feed and nourish you, why not take your health into your own hands and cook your own real, wholesome food at home!?

Fear – No other word strikes fear into the heart of people than the word cancer followed by your name. It has been said that when people hear they have cancer, their immune system immediately drops 50%. Of course, you are going to have some fear when you receive a cancer diagnosis, but don’t allow yourself to wallow and LIVE in that fear. Don’t allow the fear to be the boss of you and consume your every waking thought. I can promise you, if you are constantly battling the cortisol spikes that fear brings, there is no way your body can be in healing mode. Learn to grab hold of your fear and get it out of your life.

Hopelessness – Hopelessness is when you get to the point where you don’t believe you are capable of healing. Where you’ve thrown in the towel at even trying to recover from cancer. You’ve allowed fear to get the best of you and you’ve lost all hope. I know how hard it can be, but you can use your fear as a motivation to take action and change those things in your life you have control over. Don’t allow hopelessness to even be an option.

If you are having trouble managing any of these things in your cancer journey it is time to make the appointment with me!  The call is free and let’s get you some clarity on how to overcome! 

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