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7 Reasons to Eat Walnuts

By August 15, 2015 Blog


Nuts are natures gifts in a sweet little packaged shell, full of protein, healthy fats, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I mean really, where else can you get that kind of nutrition in such a small nice neat package? Some nuts out perform other nuts when it comes to nutrition and today I want to focus on the Walnut!

Walnuts are tree nuts that thrive in temperate humid climates. Primarily in the US we get English Walnuts, which are mostly grown in California, although I remember huge Walnut trees growing up in North Texas. The walnuts themselves were green fuzzy balls when they first arrived on the tree and we used them in sling shot wars. I remember they hurt when you got hit with them. Yes, I was a bit of a tomboy! I also remember they were big beautiful shade trees. Here is the nutrition break down.

1 Cup of Shelled English Walnuts contain-3

Now that may seem like a ton of calories and fat, right? Yes is the answer, but those calories are power punched with nutrients. The fats are great plant based omega 3s. In fact ¼ cup of walnuts provides the DRV (daily recommended value) of plant based Omega 3 Fats! It has been proven that plant based omega 3s are great for your heart health. There was a study done that concluded if you ate just 4 whole shelled walnuts a day you can lower your risk for a cardiac event. I am sure that study included a healthy diet and exercise routine as well; so don’t stop taking your meds and just start eating walnuts and expect results.So eat up and continue your heart healthy diet. You can also Google walnuts and cancer prevention and see that there have been some really compelling studies about walnuts helping with prostate and breast cancer tumors. Even some human trials for mitigating prostrate cancer and really promising lab trials for breast cancer. I can tell you as a cancer survivor I eat them almost every day. Beyond all that greatness here is a list of what we know walnuts can help with:

7 Reasons to Eat Walnuts:

  • Inflammation Busting
  • Promotes Healthy Circulation
  • Improves Memory
  • Improves Thought Process
  • Helps with Blood Sugar Stabilization
  • Can be a Mood Booster

I don’t know about you but that list alone is enough to make me pick up a hand full of walnuts and eat them.

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