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5 Things To Feel Better if You Have the Flu

By February 10, 2018 Blog

5 Things To Feel Better if You Have the Flu

NOTE: Always consult your Doctor before doing any intervention with the flu.  It is serious business in 2017/2018 and you never want to trust just ONE source but rather be the CEO of your health and do what is best for you. This article is written with adults only in mind. Children, elderly and someone with a compromised immune function should always talk to their doctors.  THIS IS NOT TO BE VIEWED AS MEDICAL ADVISE. 

I like to keep things light here at Go2Kitchens, but today I have a topic that’s quite serious. The Flu. Now, don’t start screaming and running for the hills. I know the flu can be a scary thing, but I’m going to break it down today and give you tips on what to do if you do come down with it. We are hearing all over the news and social media how this year the flu is a tough one, and it is, but let’s all take a deep breath and remember that there are things we can do even after we catch the flu to support our healing. So here are 5 Things To Feel Better if You Have the Flu.

First of all, let’s talk about bacteria. Bacteria is a living thing that we share this planet with. Bacteria are all around us, in our environment, and in and on our bodies. There are good and bad bacteria, and there’s no way to completely avoid it, nor would you want to. Over the last few years, there has been a wave of products that are advertised as being “antibacterial”. I know this sounds great, right? Antibacterial!? Let’s just get rid of all those nasty things and live a healthy life! Not so fast though. Our bodies need to encounter some bacteria, so when things like the flu invade our body, our immune system knows what to do with it. So first things first, don’t go crazy and bathe yourself in an antibacterial spray!

Secondly, why can two people be in the same environment and do the same things, and only one of them will get sick? Well, our health and our immune systems are pretty complex systems. There are a lot of pieces of the puzzle, and it could be many different things that change the outcome of our health. It could be that you aren’t sleeping well, or maybe you are on a medication that is weakening your immune system. Maybe you aren’t hydrated enough, or you’re super stressed at work, and that caused your immune system to dip down. There are so many factors; it’s tough to pin point it down to one thing.

So, it’s early February, and you start feeling a little bit tired, your body feels worn out, then the next thing you know you have the full-blown flu. Don’t worry my friend. Here are my tips on what to do when you catch the flu to help you get better quicker!Don’t beat yourself up. 

Don’t beat yourself up. As I just mentioned, there are so many things at play when it comes to our immune system, so if you get the flu, don’t waste time wondering what you did “wrong” or how it could have happened. Instead of wasting energy feeling bad about the situation, start giving yourself the extra TLC that you need.

Don’t just go about your normal life. We live in a society that values the “hustle” and we want to be productive in our days, but when your body is sick with the flu, the best thing you can do is rest. At the first sign of the flu, stop and figure out what in your life you can stop doing temporarily in order to get some extra rest. Sleep when your body needs it. When your body is sleeping it is actually repairing and healing itself. Don’t think “if I sleep now I won’t sleep tonight” because, trust me, you will still sleep tonight. Also, if at all possible, sleep alone and in a comfortable bed so you can really rest. Even if you feel a little bit better, make sure you rest for another 2-3 days and take it easy so your body can get back to 100%. You do not want a relapse of the flu, as sometimes that can be even worse than the original case.

Try not to break any fever that is below 102 degrees.  Your body will fight off the infection faster if you can continue with the fever. I know that is a tall order but a fever is a natural defense by the body and as your temperature rises, the infection will try to find a way out since it doesn’t like the hot environment. During the fever, your body will get chills and body aches but soon your body will naturally break the fever. When the fever breaks you will suddenly feel cold and might start sweating a lot. Once the sweating is over, this is a good time to take a lukewarm shower and clean your clothes and bedding. The flu bacteria is leaving your body through the sweat, so make sure you clean everything and get into some fresh, clean linens and clothes.

Should you be eating with the flu? If you feel like you are hungry, it’s ok to eat, but don’t eat just because you think you should. Listen to your body and follow accordingly. Make sure you aren’t eating junk food and try to eat things that are easy to digest and that are full of good nutrition, things like soup, bone broth, scrambled eggs, etc. Stay away from processed foods and anything with added sugar and flour.

Make sure you stay hydrated! Even if you don’t feel like eating, make sure you are drinking plenty of water. While sweating, your body is losing a lot of salt, potassium, and minerals and if you aren’t hydrated you can make yourself even sicker. I would even recommend adding a pinch of sea salt and a small squeeze of lemon in your water. You could also drink plain coconut water (not flavored or sweetened) to keep hydrated.



I know that when you are sick, the last thing you want to do is to think about any of these things, and hopefully, you have someone who can help take care of you during this time. The flu can be a very serious illness, so it’s especially important to live a healthy lifestyle during this season, but also remember that even if you do get the flu, you can still take some action to recover quicker and be more comfortable while your body is healing itself. I hope these tips help you and you never have to use them! 😉

Copy By Marci West adapted from Livestream show “Lunch with Leslie”

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