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10 Healthiest People Reveal Healthy Habits

By January 31, 2016 Blog

10 Healthiest People Reveal Healthy Habits

I make it a habit to surround my self with all kinds of influences. That is even true when it comes to my health and the people I look up to for advice, wisdom, guidance, and are my roll models.  I interviewed 10 of the healthiest people I know and asked them to give me 3 of their favorite habits that they cultivated to make them a healthier person.  I love the answers I got.  Shockingly enough they were really concise in their answers.  I am going to introduce you to these amazing people, tell you how you can follow them and give you those tips right here in this blog post.  Hang on to your seats, you will have some “light bulb” moments for sure!

Photo Collage 10 Healthiest!-2

I bet as you look at the graphic above you are wondering what the background is for each of the faces and maybe even why I selected the 10.  As I begin to write my weekly live broadcast for Periscope ( you can see all four days here on Katch.me/go2kitchens) I realized I had picked 10 really unique individuals.  Their backgrounds and stories vary quite a bit.  That was not done on purpose but was a divine moment of selection.  I purposely picked people that were not my family and that I share a friendship or work relationship with.  Mostly they were chosen because I see their daily demonstration of light and devotion to themselves. They are dedicated to their health and live in peace with their healthy lifestyle.  Something I strive to be more in tune with.  So lets meet them!

Say Hello To…



Nanette Achzigernanetteachziger.com and author of Kaizen. She is a self care and self love expert.  The  book she wrote is all about her journey to fall in love with herself at any age. Never mind that she is my fermenting mentor/guru!




B. Stephens Dudley, M. D. Doctor of Oncology in Nashville, TN. Twitter @bsdudley. Dr. Dudley is passionate about treating the whole person and not just the disease.  His compassion is never ending.  I am lucky to call him friend!




Patti Stevenslivebalancednaturally.com Patti is a Pilates, Yoga and Reiki instructor.  She is my anti-aging expert.  I love her sensible style of teaching guiding principals about living healthy agelessly.




Matt Oliphantthrivingmindandbody.com.  Matt is my mind-body connection expert.  At a young age he has managed to grasp the concept of this connection and share it with his age group and beyond.




Kyra Oliveryourownutopia.com. Kyra does what some say is impossible!  She is a Vegan Triathlete and she is healthy and good at it.  She is self taught and can help light a fire under your behind.




Kathy Baselthevitalitycode.com. Kathy is a motivator and energy worker. She is also a wellness coach and is passionate about helping others achieve optimal health. I enjoy her no-nonsense approach to health.




Katalin Lemassonsimplekatlife.com.  Does she look like she has cancer to you?  Kat is a cancer thriver! She is living with cancer (but not for long) in her body.  She is using natural methods to fortify her body to battle back and WIN!  She is my true inspiration and reminder that cancer is beatable!




Hayden CrossYoung Living Independent Distributor #2548339. Busy mom of two, entrepreneur, works with husband entrepreneur and still manages to keep a toxic free home and real food flowing in her kitchen.  Oh, and she manages to be my rock when I need to be held up! How does she do it all?




Emily Brownnourishing-transformations.com.  Emily helps women transform through weight loss.  She is picture of health in my opinion.  I look at her and think I want to be more like her.  She is kind, gentle and focused on her mission to help others.  She can help if you are struggling with weight loss!




Alix RosenbergFacebook.com/alixrosewellness. Health and wellness professional, herbalist and busy mom.  Alix teaches people how to heal naturally through the power of herbs.  She is an all-around health expert in my book.  She was doing “healthy” before it was cool!  A true pioneer!


Healthy Habits Revealed

I love introducing you to these 10 extraordinary people.  Each with a unique perspective on health but also following guiding principals that drive them and keep them at peace with their routines and healthy lifestyles.

Healthy Tip #1 FOOD

It may be no surprise that unanimously these 10 people thought that food was an important factor in keeping healthy.  The interview was not specific on topics. I simply asked them to share their thoughts.  There are some unique perspectives but mostly they all said they eat WHOLE REAL FOOD.  Nothing prepackaged or processed.  No specific mention of any “diet’ lifestyles.  No mention of how they prepare their food such as raw, smoothies or juicing.  Just eating real food! Below are some individual thoughts.

  •  The Medical Oncologist- “I diversify my diet and try to alternate between just about all the food I walk by in the Whole Food Market.”
  • The Self Care Expert- “Eat Pie!” Eliminating stress around food is important.  The stress a strict meal plan can create is more dangerous than the bad habits you are trying to overcome.
  • The Pioneer- on replacing prepackaged food with real foods “…clean foods eaten as they were created and not adulterated.”
  • Mind/Body Expert- discusses staying on track with healthy eating “…choosing an eating style that fits your lifestyle”
  • Busy Mom – “we also enjoy a treat though occasionally, like dark chocolate, a glass of wine, homemade goodies…”
  • All agreed on eating organics when possible and practical.

Healthy Tip #2 SELF LOVE & SELF CARE

Every person I interviewed said that self love and self care was the most important aspect when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.  Removing stress, toxic relationships, and limiting mindsets topped the list.  Living with gratitude and adopting positive affirming life principles were unanimous among the 10 interviews.  Defining quiet and downtime to relax the mind, body and nourish the soul topped the “to do” list.  This is an area that I struggle with personally so I appreciated these thoughts greatly!

  • The Pioneer- “I write in my gratitude journal before bed, if I have worries I write them on a scratch piece of paper and ask God to help me handle them while I sleep.”
  • Anti Aging Expert – “End your day with gratitude and a smile!”
  • Busy Mom – ” Be thankful for your life and those sharing the journey with you.  Somedays are better than others, but there is good in every day. I have a journal that I write one sentence in every night about a good thing from that day…honestly, some days I’ve written that I got a hot shower without an interruption.”
  • Cancer Thriver – ” I took an inventory of all the toxicity in my life…even the relationships. I found the stresses and ways to avoid them.”
  • Light/Energy Worker – “I nurse myself with joy and gratitude every day and throughout the day.”
  • Vegan Triathlete – “Eliminate negative thoughts about yourself…make a list of things that are a waste of time and stop doing them.”
  • Weight Loss Coach – on positive and negative thoughts she says “what you focus on expands.” Her thoughts on taking time for yourself  are “taking time to slow down and tune into the healing my body needs and craves.”

Healthy Tip #3 – MOVE YOUR BODY

Your body is a biological machine that is designed to move.  It likes to move and wants to move!  The 10 people I interviewed felt that exercise and moving your body every day with purpose was a simple and effective key to healthy living. Personally I try to get 20- 30 minutes of purposeful exercise everyday.  According to these 10 I am on the right track.  The top 3 tips in this category were getting purposeful movement everyday, getting out in nature and being mindful of movement (not being sedentary) throughout the day.

  • Light/Energy Expert – “I work on purposeful movement for at least 25 minutes and then walk my dog in nature.”
  • Weight Loss Expert – “Find a few forms of movement you love. Not only will you have fun working out but you are less likely to fall off the wagon, BECAUSE it is enjoyable to you!”
  • Mind/Body Expert – “Seek out movement that excited your soul and expresses yourself fully. The main emphasis is that you are moving constantly throughout the day.”
  • Busy Mom – “Do something active every day. Go for a walk with your pup. Throw a ball with your kiddos. Take an after dinner walk with your sweetie. Enjoy natural sunlight everyday!
  • Cancer Thriver – “Keep your body healthy with fresh air, sunshine and breathing.”
  • Anti Aging Expert – “Do some type of movement throughout the day. Get up from your desk and walk or jump around periodically, hula hoop!”

The Summary

The bottom line is although these 10 amazing people take their health very seriously they don’t take themselves too seriously.  They live as if they are in love with themselves and see life as a gift that is to be guarded.  Not one of them condone toxic relationships, toxic foods or toxic environments.  They all eat real whole foods but don’t sweat it when they are not available.  They all practice gratitude on a daily basis and find beauty in the simple things in life.  They are seekers of health and realize that means dedication to ones self.  Choosing to be in nature, purposeful movement and being mindful not to live a sedentary lifestyle. The best part is they “Eat Pie!”  I hope this encourages you and helps you have a “light bulb” moment where needed!  Each of these people influence me and inspire me to be my very best.  I know they will do the same for you.

I’ll leave you with the words of one of my greatest influencers, Dr. Steve Dudley.

Medical Oncologist – “The suffering I witness in my profession has motivated me greatly to learn and live the principles that offer the greatest chance of minimizing or avoiding that suffering. The three things are balance, diversity, and observation. I try to balance my health emphasis between mind, body, and spirit. Each category gets a specific approach that seems to work for me. I am not extreme in any of them. Balance includes trying to pace myself so that I don’t find myself bankrupt of personal energy (emotional and/or physical).  I diversify my diet and try to alternate between just about all the foods I walk by at Whole Foods. I diversify my exercise and I diversify my spiritual life endeavors. This prevents me from getting  bored or complacent. Finally, I believe observation of how your body, mind and spirit are functioning and feeling is very important in determining whether your approach is working or not. If you are getting out of balance in one area, thinking about how I am feeling can direct me to make a change or shift to another emphasis for a while. I must be intuitive and not ignore messages that my being is sending me. I am still very much a student of my own health, as well as the health of my patients. We are all works in progress, no?”


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