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Where does your healthy lifestyle begin? 

35% of Americans Report They Eat at Home Less Than 3 Times a Week!

1 In Every 5 Meals are Eaten in the CAR in America!

1 In 4 Americans Eat At Least 1 FAST FOOD MEAL EVERY SINGLE DAY! 

The Average American Spends on Average 5 HOURS A DAY WATCHING TV and Less than 27 Minutes a Day In the Kitchen Cooking!   

But, WHY?  

Why has cooking and eating at home fallen out of favor?  Experts have blamed it on women working outside of the home. I don’t buy that!  They say with all the modern convinces “why do we need to eat at home?”  The unprecedented amount of restaurants in our country is bigger than ever before in history.  They market to us with all their beautiful photos and easy, cheap food.  But do you…

Want to know what I think?  

I think we need a revolution!  We need to take back our kitchens and learn how to fall in love with the process of making amazing food for our families.  The population of our country is fatter and sicker than ever.  The correlation is crystal clear and it is written in the fast food and restaurant menus! I know, that is all good but…

You just don’t have time to plan, shop, prepare and clean, RIGHT?  

Wrong!  You do have time, you just need some handy dandy tips to make it happen.  You need 10 simple steps that will set you up for success and help you fall in love with the process of feeding your family at home.  Here is how! Your healthy journey starts in the KITCHEN!  


Ready to fall in love with your kitchen again?

Maybe you need to find your groove in the kitchen or maybe you need to get your groove back!  Either way this class is designed to motivate! One student said…

“I have to hold myself back to not do everything at once! Could have done a Kitchanatomy marathon!”

Looking for ways to make the kitchen a place you want to be in? It is designed to inspire! Another Kitchanatomy student says…

“Because of Kitchanatomy my kitchen has never looked’s still a work in progress but it just makes me feel a little lighter and a whole lot happier!”

Have a hard time finding the time to fit it all in? This class is designed to help you take action! Recently a student said…

“I never thought I had time to be in my kitchen cooking for my family of 7! In the worksheets I not only figured out how to make time… I can’t wait to get in there and create delicious healthy meals for my family! We all thank you!”


What do you get in Kitchanatomy?

Please see the video below for a live classroom demonstration! 


10 classes – Each class has a video tutorial, a comprehensive text book and a “take action” worksheet!

PLUS 2 bonus videos and an eBOOK! 


STEP 1  Define Your Kitchen Challenges – What frustrates you and makes you sigh every time you have to cook? 

STEP 2 Define Your Workspaces -The “what, how and when” of each workspace in your kitchen! 

STEP 3 The Detoxed Kitchen – Get ready to revolutionize the way you clean your kitchen, store your food and use your cookware! 

STEP 4 Six Things That Will Stop Your Kitchen Detox – No excuses!  Learn the common barriers that are stopping you from cooking more! 

STEP 5 Learn The Basics of Meal Planning – Planning is the key to success in the kitchen!  We are going to give you the keys!

STEP 6 Learn The “Pre”Pared Method –  Making food in advance ensures your family always has amazing food to eat! 

STEP 7 Your Kitchen Assets – You spend money on kitchen tools, we are going to teach you how to take care of them! 

STEP 8 Six Things Every Healthy Kitchen Has – I bet you want to know what these are!  Right? 

STEP 9 Pantry Staples – Learn what staples you can have around to make a meal any time you want! 

STEP 10 – Cooking Prep School – You will be ready to cook and we are going to get you started in this class! 


You get access to a private Facebook group just for students

You get invitations once a month to online live interactive cooking events and tutorials

14 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Lifetime Access to all Class Material


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