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Class #4 – Six Things That STOP a Kitchen Detox

Are you tempted to throw in the kitchen towel? We have already talked about major
changes that can happen in your kitchen and your mindset. I have asked you to make
these changes to help you move forward in an effort to have a great detoxed kitchen. As
you might know, I don’t normally focus on the negative. However, I do want to be
practical and talk about some things that might be major stumbling blocks for you as you
journey through these 10 steps.


1. Kitchen Gadgets – Are you a gadget head? Do you watch the As Seen On TV
commercials and think about how practical that would be in your kitchen. I will
confess I was once a kitchen gadget head. I loved the aisle in the kitchen store with
all the fun little tools and promises to save time and money. Few lived up to their
promise and even fewer got used more than once. When I started to detox my own
kitchen, I quickly realized that all my “time” saving . . . “money” saving gadgets were
taking up valuable space in my kitchen. So I recycled them by sending them packing
to the nearby thrift store. Attachment to ideas that you need more than just a few
simple tools in a healthy kitchen is not a healthy attitude towards your kitchen. What
you are trying to compensate for with gadgets is a mindset that is toxic. A mindset
that says, my kitchen takes too much of my time, my kitchen takes too much of my
money and my kitchen does not function the way I want it to. The idea that gadgets
are the way to solve these mindsets is a kitchen fail and will set you back rather than
move you forward in your journey.

2. Small Appliances – There are a host of small appliances for the kitchen that are
amazing and are worthy of your counter space. Here is the trouble, we tend to
double up in tools that do the same work. I gave you an example in the first class of
a former kitchen detox student that was using her oven for storage and cooking in a
toaster oven. It was not efficient and the toaster oven was taking up valuable space
in her tiny kitchen. Thankfully she is fully comfortable with her oven now and the
toaster oven is gone. She now owns a gorgeous cutting board and garbage bowl in
its place. As we discussed in the Over Tooled section, if you are complaining of
space, it is time to evaluate what tools you actually use and what ones can be

Here is one more example. I have a really junky little hand mixer. I hear all the time,
“You need a new mixer.” No I don’t! I don’t have space for it and I only use my
mixer maybe 2 times a month. I don’t need one for the sake of saying I have one.
Once again a toxic mindset. If you think your kitchen is costing you too much money
then evaluate your need for high-end small appliances before you ditch the idea that
organic apples are too expensive.

3. The Utensil Drawer – This will be short and sweet – if you have to push, shove, stuff
and work through a puzzle of utensils every time you pull one out, you need an
overhaul. Part of Kitchanatomy is eliminating frustrations in your kitchen. This is a
huge one for a lot of people. Here is my tip, if it’s stained, melted or broken, ditch it!
Then go to the next level by evaluating your use. Easy enough to put all yourutensils in a jar on the counter. When you use one and wash it, put it back in the
drawer. Do this for 2 weeks. Whatever is left over in two weeks, move it along to
recycle or donate to the thrift store. Easy peasy!

4. Too Much Too Fast – A kitchen detox can take months or even years! I am still
refining my thoughts about my kitchen and how it functions. The biggest fail I see
people experience is when they try to complete this class in 10 days. Even if you
have 10 free days with absolutely nothing to do, this class was not designed to be
completed in a rush. Trying to enforce changes too fast is a warning sign for failure.
This is also true with your entire healthy journey. I like to say this is a process not an
event. If you move too fast you will get frustrated and quit.

5. Money/Budget – It is important to also realize you will have to spend some money on
changes. However, not everything has to happen all at once. You can buy items
that you need to fill the gaps over time. Also, I would encourage you to think about
repurposing some of your items. Maybe you don’t have the money to buy glass
storage containers right now but you can use that old set of mixing bowls and buy
some cling wrap to seal them up for now. My mother did this years ago. Another tip
is to shop thrift store and garage sales. Just be careful not to overbuy simply
because it is a “good deal”! Don’t let your budget get in the way of your healthy
mindset. You want change or you would not have signed up for this class and made
it this far!

6. Time – When you are dedicated to your healthy journey you will make time to shop,
cook and clean. It is not a matter of having more time; it is a matter of making this
lifestyle a priority. Only you can make that decision. It is up to you to make the time it
takes to be in your kitchen and form a relationship with it. I can tell you the longer
you work at it and the more good habits you form, the more time you will save in the
long run. No matter how much we beg or plead, we all get the same amount of time.
It’s how you choose to use it that counts. I hope you choose to use a little more in
your kitchen!

Do you feel beat up or pepped up? Don’t let these or any excuses get in your way.
Maybe I didn’t hit your hot button with the above topics. If not, I encourage you to find
what is stopping you and conquer it once and for all. When you overcome obstacles it
gives you power that you can use in all kinds of situations. Who knew that a Kitchen
Detox could be so empowering? I did!


Ready to change your mindset? Ready to make up and fall in love with your kitchen all
over again. I will ask you to write down what is holding you back from kitchen bliss.

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