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Congratulations on taking the first step toward getting your health on track. When you clicked “BUY NOW” you started a chain reaction that will cause many wonderful things to happen in your life and your kitchen. When I was designing these classes I had 3 goals in mind.

  1. You already know that every health journey starts in the kitchen, so I wanted to start there!
  2. I wanted you to have a love affair with your kitchen that will keep you firmly planted in your health goals.
  3. I wanted to give you a BIG BANG for the buck with robust classes and a small price point.

Please let me know if I have delivered on my promise. You will be offered a 100% no
questions asked money back promise if you feel at any point the material isn’t right for

For the Best Results…

Each class is designed with action steps in mind. You can expect some reading, a video and a worksheet for each class. Every class is self-paced and designed to help you work through step-by-step changes in your kitchen. I strongly suggest that you do not skip around in the material provided in these 10 classes. They are intended to be completed in the order in which they appear.

You might run into some roadblocks along the way. I have labeled a few in the worksheets to let you know that it is ok to move forward without completing the specific task. For example, maybe you need to replace some storage containers and you need to save up money to do that. It’s ok to move forward past this kind of roadblock.

I do recommend that you complete the worksheets. After all, you signed up to get your kitchen detoxed right? These will help you stay organized. We all have busy lives and using these worksheets will really help you prioritize your time. To get the whole family involved, print your worksheets out and keep them on the counter or posted on the fridge so that everyone stays in the loop and gets excited about the process. Some like to keep them in notebooks to stay organized. The choice is yours. Find a method that works best for you.

The videos vary in length. They will show hands on tasks that will help you reach your kitchen detox goals. The videos are short, anywhere from 5-15 mins long. I recommend that you read the class introduction, watch the video, read the instructional information and then tackle the worksheets. The classes were specially created to flow in this way.

One last thing, we have a great support group on Facebook, the link is here…. Please come and chat with us. It’s a great place to share tips and tricks. Also, I frequently answer questions on the page and can sometimes offer support there directly and quickly.

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