Day 3 – How to Make Real Food Choices

Day 3 – How To Make Real Food Choices

Now that you understand how to identify real food I want to give you some of my top tips for making the choice to eat real food. We will use REAL FOOD examples for each meal listed below.

Sample Breakfasts:

  1. Super Green Smoothie – pineapple, mango, spinach, hemp protein, cinnamon, ginger and cayenne
  2. Rolled Oats with fresh berries, whey protein, cinnamon, and honey
  3. 3 eggs any way you like them, with a side of fresh berries, sprouted grain toast and plenty of butter
  4. Omelet with tomato, raw cheddar and avocado
  5. Whole wheat homemade biscuits with turkey sausage and 1/2 grapefruit and a drizzle of honey.
  6. Coconut cream with vanilla protein whipped in, blueberries, chia seeds, sliced strawberry, and walnuts.
  7. Sweet potato hash browns with 2 eggs over easy and a side of homemade turkey sausage

Sample Lunches:

  1. Whole wheat sprouted grain pita, red pepper hummus, spinach, cucumber and tzatziki sauce
  2. Turkey meat balls sliced, homemade pizza sauce, and raw mozzarella cheese piled high with veggies on a gluten free wrap, toasted to perfection
  3. Mexican quinoa bowl served with fresh toasted corn chips 
  4. Veggie sandwich served with carrot sticks and ranch flavored greek yogurt
  5. Spinach salad with lemon, olive oil and salt, sliced herb roasted chicken breast served across the top with homemade sprouted grain croutons
  6. Homemade tortilla soup served with raw cheddar and fresh toasted corn chips and side salad with fresh guacamole dressing
  7. Baked sweet potato with grass fed butter and cinnamon, served with Brussels sprouts coleslaw

Sample Dinner:

  1. Chickpea Curry served with avocado, arugula and cilantro side salad
  2. Chicken Ziti Pasta with asparagus and cauliflower served with a garnish of parmesan and fresh parsley
  3. Broiled salmon, mashed cauliflower and potatoes, broiled Brussels sprouts with balsamic vinegar dressing
  4. Oven fried chicken with sweet potato mash and sautéed greens
  5. Crock pot veggie lasagna served with garlic sourdough bread
  6. Grass fed burger with grilled asparagus and cantaloupe mint salad
  7. Black bean taco salad with fresh guacamole and salsa


  1. Trail mix with dark chocolate
  2. Roasted spicy chickpeas
  3. Cheesy peasy snack crackers 
  4. All the fresh raw fruit and vegetables you want
  5. Popcorn with flavored salts and butter
  6.  Chocolate avocado pudding
  7. Fresh banana ice-cream with chocolate and mint

Now you have to admit that is a pretty impressive list of food. Use it to see what your 7 days menu would look like. Think outside the can, bag and box. If you want to make beans buy them dry and learn to make them. It is easy and they taste so much better. Instead of buying tortilla chips, make you own with fresh organic corn tortillas, add the flavors that you like to them. If you are in a pinch choose raw veggies and fruit for your meal. It is amazing what you can do with a little olive oil, lemon and spices on raw veggies. Make your own fast food by cooking ahead. I’ll tell you that if I know I have my favorite Mexican quinoa bowl waiting for me at home, I will go right on past the drive-through! I know I have fast nutritious food just waiting for me AND I know I am going to enjoy it way more!

Tomorrow you will get an email that will give you the basics of trading a bad habit for a good one.   You will put these principals to work overtime to ditch the fake food habit and embrace the Real Food habit! See you then!