Day 2 – How to Recognize Real Food When You See It!


Day 2 – How To Recognize Real Food When You See It

The next few days are all about equipping you to start your challenge. Education is key in your health. I don’t want you to stand in the grocery store forever wondering, “Is this REAL FOOD?” I want you to recognize it as soon as you see it. There is a PDF cheat sheet for you to print off and carry with you the first few times you shop with your new real food habits.

What is REAL FOOD:

  1. There is no REAL FOOD at any large chain fast food establishment. Break-up with the drive thru! No, not even the salads, the veggies are coated with chemicals that help them “stay fresh”. French fries are not a vegetable and tacos are not suitable for the four major food groups.
  2. REAL FOOD does not have an ingredient list. If you buy frozen blueberries in a package the only ingredient should be blueberries. There are exceptions to this statement, see #4.
  3. REAL FOOD is hardly ever boxed, bagged, canned, in a pouch, in a jar, or in a bottle. There are a few exceptions to this rule but they are few and far between.
  4. If REAL FOOD has an ingredient list, it is short and you can pronounce every word, and you know what that ingredient is. In other words if a cracker is processed and in a bag, the ingredient label should only have REAL FOOD listed.
  5. REAL FOOD is not precooked and frozen. Although there are many food producers that are making prepackaged meals, there are little to none that should be consumed.
  6. REAL FOOD is not subject to food marketing. With all the “healthy” buzz words floating around this can get confusing. Food marketers are using these words to make us feel like we are being healthy when we buy their prepackaged precooked foods. However most truly REAL FOOD is not subjected to these kinds of gimmicks.   You never see GLUTEN FREE written on an apple!
  7. REAL FOOD is typically raw when you buy it. Fruits, veggies, meats, grains, fats and dairy should be in a raw state. If it is not, it has been processed to some degree.
  8. REAL FOOD is hardly ever ready to eat unless it is produce or plant based. Things like deli meat, breads, canned vegetables, fruit, yogurts, milk, and packaged precooked grains are processed foods.
  9. REAL FOOD is in its most natural state when you buy it. It is unadulterated from any form of cooking, chemical additives and packaging.
  10. REAL FOOD does not give heartburn, gas, cause bloating or make you feel lethargic.

So now you have a list and a printable cheat sheet for your next few shopping trips. Tomorrow we discuss strategies to help you make REAL FOOD choices!