Day 1 – Why Real Food?

Day 1 – Why Real Food?

In the beginning God created REAL FOOD and then man started to manufacture it and came up with FAKE FOOD!

It’s Day 1 of Your Real Food Challenge. For the next 26 days you will receive an email automatically that will have a link to a short video and them some action steps. You can save the emails and refer to them anytime you need a refresher. I am handing out some pretty nifty stuff in this challenge so get ready to make some great changes. I promise by the end of 27 days you will be educated in the ways of REAL FOOD eating!

50 years ago this challenge would not have existed. Why? Because fake food was not a concern. It was not until the mid 1960’s that the concern started to mount over the quality of our food. In the early 1950’s there was no such thing as fake food like we know it today. Even the new fangled TV Dinners used very little fake food. In the 1960’s Fast Food chains started to gain in popularity. To keep up with the concept of “easy food”, major consumer food companies needed to find a way to compete. They succeeded and the mass commercialization of our food began. By the 1970’s grocery stores were filled with prepackaged foods. Keeping in mind that prepackaged foods have been around since the early 1900’s but not on a massive scale and a far cry from the prepackaged foods we have today. Today 80% of the calories the average American consumes comes from processed, prepackaged foods.

Why is this type of processed food so bad and why do we need to consume mostly REAL FOODS? There is a dark side to these convenient foods! There are over 6000 chemicals used in food processing. Sure not all of them are cancer causing, debilitating, killers…but some are! I found a list of 50 chemicals that are harmful and that are routinely found in processed food. There is a PDF here for you to print out. I don’t know about you, but playing chemical roulette with my very precious body is not something I am into. How about you?


  • REAL FOOD is packed with life giving nutrients, vitamins, minerals and calories. Yes, calories! Although I will never encourage you to count calories there is a huge difference between real food calories and fake food calories.
  • REAL FOOD gives you energy. It wakes the body up. It revs the metabolism.
  • REAL FOOD boosts your immune system and breaks the cycle of chronic disease.
  • REAL FOOD fights brain fog, depression and hormonal mood swings caused by PMS.
  • REAL FOOD is your protector from obesity.
  • REAL FOOD powers up your sex life, fitness life, and boosts your confidence.
  • REAL FOOD will make you smile at any age when you look in the mirror.

Seem too good to be true? Give me 27 days and I will prove it to you!

Day 2 you will learn how to identify REAL FOOD when you see it! It’s getting REAL in here…see you then!