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the last wooden spoon’tula you will ever buy!

Let’s Cook with the SPOONTULA!

Introducing the last wooden spoon’tula you will ever buy!  My dad and I invented the Spoontula as the perfect cooking tool.  Stir, flip, and serve it is a Spoon and a Spatula…its a SPOONTULA. It is sturdy and will not crack, warp or break with the proper care. Each Spoontula is 100% handmade by my dad, Gary. A whole lot of cooking love goes into each Spoontula.  

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Spoontula is 13.25″ long made from quality solid hardwood and ergonomically designed to fit your hand like it was made just for you!

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5 Steps My Clients Take To Recover Faster Between Cancer Treatments, Regain Their Strength After Surgery and Become Healthier Well into Remission…

(Without All The Crazy Diets and Detoxes!)

It’s terrifying how many cancer patients are tricked into spending thousands of dollars on supplements, doing damaging detoxes, and embarking on crazy diets.

Some ‘experts’ say this helps them recover faster and enhance their chances of recovery … but this is nonsense.

My clients don’t do any of that …

They leave the “woo woo” and the scams at the door while recovering faster and regaining their strength 100% naturally.

They unlock their body’s potential to recover fast between treatments, reduce the nerves and tension they feel before every doctors visit, and feel positive and healthy between treatments, without weird diets, ‘magic pills’ or dangerous detoxes.

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