Think No One Understands What Cancer is Doing To You?

How would you write your Cancer Story?

Does your Cancer fill you with fear?

Does your Cancer fill you with confusion?

Does your Cancer fill you with uncertainty?

Do you think NO ONE understands what Cancer is doing to you?

Don’t You Wish You Could Rewrite Your CANCER Story?

You Can!

I’m Leslie Nance Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and Cancer Survivor… 

When I was diagnosed, I was consumed with the thoughts of my death.  My days did not feel like a gift any longer. They felt dark and wrought with feelings of fear, uncertainty, and confusion.  

  • Why Me?  
  • Why Cancer?
  • Why Now?  
  • What Treatments?

I had become a 24-hour cancer patient.  I was inconsolable!  Not even my family, as hard as they tried, could help me.  I thought I was dying!

I was truly out of control! 

Is this you?

Are you a 24 Hour Cancer Patient?

What If We Could Rewrite Your Cancer Story?

What if I could help YOU reduce fear and put you back in control of your thoughts. While at the same time EMPOWERING you to control your cancer instead of your cancer controlling you?

I shifted my thoughts, my diet, and my spirit and I not only survived but flourished. I can help you do the same! 

What if you could experience days where your cancer never crossed your mind? 

Let’s spend six weeks together!   

Let’s change the way you think so that your cancer is no longer in control!

I am here for you and waiting for your call,  970-775-0012, or

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Leslie Nance Certified Holistic Cancer Coach

I take a HOLISTIC approach to cancer, meaning I will treat your body as a whole and not focus on your symptoms only. When I was in cancer treatments, everyone noticed how well I was doing. Often they would ask me why I was not sick, weak or fatigued like they were. It was because I was naturally harnessing the power of my bodies ability to heal itself. I was eating like my life depended on it. I still do because it literally does depend on it! I became a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach so I could personally help you and millions of people make their bodies inhospitable to cancer. Let's work together as every health journey starts in the kitchen. Cancer is not your destiny! #cancerhatesit